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About Promoforce

Our policy

The governing tenets of all dealings in PROMOFORCE has its ethical origin in the Bible.

. Reflecting & Glorifying Christ in All Our Business Practices.
. Being Accountable in All OurTransactions.
. Providing Quality Products at Fair Prices.
. Honouring Our Creditors.
. Treating all Our Customers Equally.
. Treating all Our Employees Fairly.

Our quality policy

Quality is maintained at Promoforce with highly precise, hi-tech and state-of-the-art equipment. Our reliable processing and workflow management ensures that the standard of quality remains high all the time. Our work culture has imbibed into ourselves as well as overflowing into all that we do, a perfection requiring, that no possible error go unnoticed, with appropriate measures taken to rectify the same. We benchmark ourselves, in every job that we turn out, with our own stringent norms, on par with international standards.