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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

01. What are the different types of offset printing are there?

There are two types of offset printing.

1. Web offset:
An offset process in which paper is fed in the form of reel is called web offset printing. There are two types of web offset printing

a. Cold set web : A process in which the ink dries by absorption and air.
b. Heat set web : A process in which the ink dries by heat.

2. Sheet fed offset : An offset process in which paper is fed in the form of sheets.

3. UV offset : An offset printing process in which UV curing inks/ hybrid inks are used for printing on non absorbent substrate.

02. What kind of print industry services does Promoforce offer?

Promoforce provides complete one-stop printing solutions, ranging from preliminary typesetting, designing concepts thro' print production to delivery of the finished product to yor warehouse, in a highly professional manner.

03. Do I have to know a lot about printing to work with you?

Not necessarily, we have an experienced team of staff to work with you on your project. And the the team will guide you with helpful suggestions for everything from what paper to use to the best kind of binding. In addition, we provide samples of all materials that will be used before we begin production.

04. How quickly can you submit a Printing Quote?

You may fill your job requirements and specifications in Request for a Quote and we'll provide you a customized cost estimate within 24 hours.

05, Is there any minimum order?

It varies from product to product. Whatever may be the quantity we would respond to your query.

06. What do you mean by Finished size?

The finished size refers to the actual size of the finished book.

07. What are the most cost effective Finished sizes of Promoforce?

Our most cost effective finished sizes and metric equivalent are as follows:

4 ¾" x 7" = 121mm x 178mm
5 ½ " x 8 ½ " = 140mm x 216mm
6" x 9" = 152mm x 229mm
7 x 9.5" = 178mm x 241mm
8 ½ " x 11" = 216mm x 279mm
8.5" x 12 = 216mm x 305mm

08. What are the different sizes in which the papers are available?

Commonly available paper and board sizes are· 23" x 36" · 30" x 40" · 25" x 36" · 31.5" x 41.5" (Duplex Board)

09. What are the kinds of papers on which printing can be done?

Art paper – Gloss, Art paper – Matt, One side coated paper, Sticker paper, Light weight coated paper, Maplitho paper, Creamwove paper,Natural shade maplitho, Kraft paper, Pulp card, Coloured printing papers, Coloured pulp cards, Buff card, Strathmore paper, Ivory card, Duplex Board Grey back, Duplex Board White back, Straw board and many more...

10. What is GSM? How is GSM measured?

The term GSM is used while calculating the weight of paper or board. This is measured in grams per square meter (g/sq.m). The GSM varies from paper to paper depending upon the thickness (Caliper) of the paper.

11. What colors are used in offset printing?

Ink Colors.Commercial offset printing (also known as offset lithography) utilize four basic ink colors: CMYK. Dots of cyan (blue), magenta (red), yellow, and black (the K) are placed next to each other in specific patterns that trick the eye into seeing millions of colors. Additionally, offset printing can use premixed inks in a variety of specific colors as well as metallic and fluorescent inks. These are called spot colors.Six colors CMYK, O, G can also be used instead of CMYK to get wider gamut. This process is called Hexa chrome printing.

12 Can Promoforce undertake jobs in different languages?

Yes, we can print in any language that you provide the files for. Sometimes we print the same book in multiple languages by creating separate black plates change for the text.

13. Do you have the facility to scan my artwork?

Yes, we have state-of-the-art prepress equipment that can reproduce your images very close to the original. We provide digital colour proofs.

14. At what dots per inch (dpi) should I scan photos?

Photos should be scanned at twice the line screen they will be reproduced. Example: Most photos are produced at 133 for B & W and 150 line screen for color and should be scanned at 300 dpi. Scanning higher than necessary does not improve quality.

15. What does "line screen" and "dpi" mean?

A line screen or screen ruling is measured in lines per inch (lpi) or lines of cells per inch in a tint or halftone and dpi means dots per inch.

16. What do you mean by PMS colors?

PMS (Pantone Matching System) is an ink color system used in the graphic arts industry. Almost any color can be found using this system.

17. What are different types of coatings?

A. Coating is the thin protective layer which is applied to the paper after printing. The coating can be applied either online or offline. Different types of coatings are:

· Silk coat
· Matt Coat
· Gloss coat
· Aqueous varnish
· Picture varnish
· Full UV – laminations / Spot UV

18. Who should I contact about the status of my job?

A Client Servicing co-ordinator will be assigned to each client to offer personalized service. You will have an email id and a phone number to contact on.

19. How will my job be delivered back to me?

Your job will be delivered back to you as a road / sea / air shipment depending upon the value and urgency of your requirement.

20. What about privacy and security for our jobs?

No information we collect for order processing or from inquiries is shared with any other company or website. Your information is only used to contact you when necessary.

21. How can I be assured of a high quality job without a press check?

We provide a complete set of press proofs for all jobs, as well as a bound sample using the exact materials that you specified. Against request, running sheets from a title on press are also sent to get approval on the colour values right from the beginning. Your final job will not be printed until you have approved the Final proofs.

22. When do I receive blueprints or laser proofs?

Blueprints or laser proofs are normally received about 3 -10 days after we receive complete inputs.

23. What is your Job Completion time?

It could be minimum 3 days from proof approval to dispatch and 4 weeks for a large extent, multicolor book.

24. What happens if my shipment is damaged in transit?

Before booking your shipment we make sure that you really in need of adequate insurance to cover any damages while in transit, with you. Claims are processed through the insurance company's local office and handled quickly. If we take care of the delivery to your door, the shipment will be insured for the entire journey. If you choose to use your own "to the door" delivery service, make sure that you have insurance for this portion of the trip. Insurance charges will be extra.

25. Where are you located? .

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